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Good Morning, Apocalypse is a game of survival and cooperation. It’s a game of actions as much as words. It’s a game - but it’s also real life. In this game, you will take care of others and yourself. You will work towards building and maintaining a community of peers, of loved ones, and of strangers. Along the way, you will discover what you value and learn to appreciate it more. And then - you will get to tell each other a story.

Updated 9 days ago
Published 11 days ago
AuthorsEcho Roanoke, JessPak
GenreRole Playing
TagsNarrative, Slice Of Life


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Thank you for the comment on our game. For the sake of transparency, I want to let you know what exactly went into our game for this game jam:

1. My co-creator and I spent a day coming up with the idea.

2. She spent a day writing up the draft.

3. Our households spent a week playtesting it to make sure our ideas would work. 

4. I bought and learned Affinity Publisher, [which took me 2 months] to do our layout (with revisions) so that we could have a polished game - on top of being in a global pandemic with the rest of humankind and all the additional stresses that have come to light due to living in a new world).

5. The $10 you spend on the game is broken down behind the scenes as follows:

- 10% of this price goes to itchio for taking care of hosting/any refund issues/etc. the other work they do. It's a standard practice for most creators on itchio. For our game, this means itchio gets $1.

- the remainder of the money ($9.00) is split between the two of us evenly, meaning we each get $4.50. We are both previously published game designers and have other titles to our name; splitting $9.00 is probably still short-changing ourselves. However, we agreed that because I bought and learned a new program and that the layout might not be quite up to industry standard, I was okay with receiving $4.50 per copy sold. My co-creator decided the same. 

- the money used to purchase our game supports us, two queer women, to make more games in an industry that is hell-bent on gatekeeping and keeping us out.

Echo and I hope that you reconsider buying our ga(y)me after knowing these facts. If not? You're clearly not our target audience; you and your money won't be missed.

Warmest regards,


Edited to Add:

If you are a marginalized person who genuinely cannot afford our game and aren't making snide comments about the pricing of our game, we are working today (6/28/20) to set up community copies.  We appreciate your patience and your kind support.